Hello!church in shreveport louisiana

I’m Rob Miskowski, Pastor of Intentional Church. I’d like to share a little about our journey. Our initial call to Louisiana came in an unexpected and miraculous way. It seems like only yesterday my wife blogged about it for friends… explaining why we were moving from New York to Louisiana…

The desire to plant a Church has been in my heart since 2004 – one that really impacts the lives of people. Some might ask, “Aren’t there already lots of Churches in Shreveport?” The answer is “Yes, but…” Yes, there are lots of Churches but, we’re not interested in reaching out to those attending Churches. We want to get to know those who don’t go to Church anywhere (and there are lots of folks in this category).

We have a dream to bring the amazing love of God to people who don’t yet know how much He loves them. We are believing that Intentional Church will be a place where lasting relationships are born and people are able to use their gifts and talents in ways that make an indelible impact on this community. Intentional Church will be a place where people are loved, healed and cared for – a Church where everyone sees that they are part of a family and can give themselves over to a cause greater than they can imagine.

And so after hundreds of man hours spent getting our building and foundation for ministry ready, we stepped out.  We sent out thousands of post cards, ran radio spots, put out stick signs and spread the word, and then officially launched on October 21st 2012.  We have made some great new friends already and are carving out this exciting new ministry.  We are watching God move as only He can, and excited for the miraculous way He is going to use the Church to impact thousands of lives for His glory.  Come join us in the journey and find out what God has intentionally destined you for!